Traffic Data May 2024

In May, 4.5 million passengers passed through Fiumicino; The Northeast Airport Hub handled over 6.6 million passengers between January and May 2024.

Aeroporti di Roma- Aeroporti di Fiumicino e Ciampino


Rome’s airport system, which includes Fiumicino’s Leonardo da Vinci and Ciampino’s G.B. Pastine airports, ended May with 4.8 million passengers, an increase of 10 percent over May 2019 and 23 percent over May 2023.

With 4.5 million passengers, Rome Fiumicino Airport surpassed by 16 percent the traffic values recorded in May 2019 and by 25 percent those of the same period in 2023. Moreover, on Friday May 31, Italy’s main airport by passengers, reached a new all-time record for daily traffic, surpassing 157,000 passengers transited.

Point-to-point traffic, i.e., direct arrivals and departures without connecting at another intermediate airport, continued to record rising values, increasing 27 percent over 2019 values and 23 percent over 2023 values. The largest growths, in absolute value, were recorded in the international market.

Long-haul traffic counted nearly 1 million passengers, confirming the excellent performance in May as well with double-digit growth compared to previous years: +19% traffic over 2019 and +40% over 2023.

North America confirmed its position as the market with the highest number of passengers, also taking the lead in terms of absolute volume growth, surpassing by more than 30 percent the increase over both pre-pandemic values and last year. May also saw the reopening of connections between Rome and Detroit, operated by Delta Airlines, the intensification of connections to Toronto, thanks to the increased number of flights by Air Transat, and the introduction of the Canadian route into the network of the national airline ITA Airways.

Second geographical area by absolute passenger volumes was the Arabian Peninsula, which further improved its results compared to previous years, recording 24 percent growth over 2019 and 18 percent over 2023. This was followed by the Far East, with 86 percent recovery over pre-pandemic values and a 55 percent increase over 2023.

Good performance also for Central South America, which is nearing full recovery of 2019 volumes: in May it posted 99 percent recovery, the highest value to date, with the route to Buenos Aires experiencing a significant increase in passenger volumes, reaching 92 percent of pre-pandemic traffic.

May was also positive for connections to Africa, which led by good performance on short-haul routes, marked a 50% growth over May 2019 and 65% over 2019.

Ciampino’s G.B. Pastine Airport closed the month of May by registering 331,000 passengers passing through the airport.

Polo Aeroportuale Nordest (VCE, TSF, VRN, VBS)


The Northeast Airport Hub (Venice, Treviso, Verona and Brescia airports) handled more than 6.6 million passengers between January and May 2024, up +3% compared to 2023 and in line with the performance in 2019. In May, more than 1.7 million passengers were handled, +2.6% over the same month of the previous year.

Venice Airport exceeded 1.1 million passengers in May, in line with the 2023 trend (+3.2% over the same month in 2019). Over 4.2 million were progressive passengers through May, +2.1% year-on-year (+2.9% over 2019).

After the domestic market, with over 210 thousand passengers in the month, the main international markets were Britain, France, Germany and Spain. Passengers’ favorite destinations were London and Paris, followed by Barcelona, Catania and Amsterdam.

About 50 thousand passengers were handled on direct flights between Venice and the United States during May (94 thousand since the beginning of the year).

On the long-haul side, Air Canada and Air Transat resumed non-stop operations to Canadian destinations, moving more than 14 thousand passengers between Venice and Toronto/Montreal.

Treviso Airport recorded more than 270 thousand passengers in the month (+2% compared to May 2023) and about 1.2 million in the first 5 months of the year, in line with the same period last year (recovering 88% of 2019 traffic).

Spain (main destination Malaga), Albania, Romania, Poland and Belgium were the top markets during the month.

Verona Airport broke the historical monthly record again in May, with over 320 thousand passengers (+13% compared to May 2023). Almost 1.2 million were progressive passengers, a positive trend of +8% compared to 2023. Both during May and at progressive, 2019 volumes were exceeded.

Main market was reconfirmed as the domestic market, with over 120 thousand passengers in the month (37% of total traffic), followed by Britain and Spain.

Catania, London and Palermo were the favorite destination cities for passengers.

The performance of the new operations inaugurated in the summer season is excellent, with peak occupancy exceeding 80 percent.