Traffic Data July 2023

Fiumicino Airport returns to 4 million monthly passengers. The North-Eastern hub recorded 1.9 million passengers.


Aeroporti di Roma – Aeroporti di Fiumicino e Ciampino

With more than 4.5 million passengers passing through its airports in July 2023, the positive performance of Rome’s airport system is confirmed.
At Rome’s main international airport, Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airport, was set an absolute record after the air traffic setback caused by Covid-19, returning to over 4 million passengers per month.

With 4.2 million passengers in July, a 94% recovery of 2019 traffic volumes was therefore achieved, thanks mainly to the strong increase in intercontinental traffic – which for the first time performed better than short- to medium-haul travel – and the contribution of originating passengers, which continued to grow compared to pre-pandemic values (5%).

EU Europe is confirmed as the leading market both in terms of absolute volumes and percentage growth compared to July 2019 traffic (+6%).

July’s excellent results in long-haul traffic are attributable in particular to the North American market, which recorded 17% growth compared to July 2019; this is followed by the Middle East, which reaches and exceeds pre-pandemic values by 4%, and finally Africa, which marks almost a total recovery of 2019 traffic.

New York also confirmed itself as the most popular North American destination in July, growing 37% on July 2019 traffic volumes. There were also excellent results for the destinations of Montreal, Boston and Dallas, which also grew, and for San Francisco, which sees United Airlines’ offer – launched in May – increase with the introduction of five new weekly departures by ITA Airways.

On the Arabian Peninsula, the coveted destinations of Abu Dhabi and Dubai record excellent performance improvements and the cities of Jeddah and Riyadh see their volumes triple and double respectively compared to July 2019. These are complemented by increased offerings to the Middle East with new flights from Wizz Air to Kuwait.

The African continent is approaching the full recovery of 2019 performance thanks to Cairo – the most sought-after destination in July – which, together with the new connection to Giza Cairo launched in mid-June by Wizz Air, exceeds the July 2019 figures by 20%.

The recovery trend of traffic to and from the Far East continues, with the destinations of Baku, Chengdu, Shenzen, together with Beijing recording a gradual improvement in performance.

Ciampino Airport G.B. Pastine closed the month of July with more than 340,000 passengers passing through the airport.


Polo Aeroportuale Nordest (VCE, TSF, VRN, VBS)

The Polo Aeroportuale Nordest, which includes the airports of Venice, Treviso, Verona and Brescia, handled over 10 million passengers between January and July 2023, with a 96% recovery of traffic in the first 7 months of 2019. July closed with over 1.9 million passengers and a 96% recovery of July 2019 traffic. Traffic for the month was affected by both strikes and adverse weather conditions, which led to cancellations of flights and seats offered.

Venice Airport handled almost 6.5 million passengers since the beginning of the year and almost 1.2 million in July. The recovery of 2019 traffic was 94% for the month and 99% for the year-to-date.
The domestic market was the main one during July, with 250,000 passengers (first destination was Naples, with over 40,000 passengers). The main international markets were Great Britain, Spain, France and Germany.
London, Paris and Barcelona were the preferred destination cities during the month.
Passengers on long-haul destinations in the first seven months of the year amounted to over 340 thousand. There were also some charter operations between Venice and Seoul during the month.

Treviso airport handled almost 300,000 passengers in July and almost 1.8 million in the first 7 months of 2023, with a recovery of 97% of 2019 flows in the month and 92% in progressive terms.
The main market during the month was Spain, followed by Romania, France, Poland and Belgium (international traffic: 94% of the total).
The main destinations were Bucharest, Brussels, Tirana, Malta and Paris.

Verona Airport recorded over 450,000 passengers in July and almost 2 million since the beginning of the year. The recovery of 2019 traffic volumes was 97% for the month and 94% for the year-to-date.
The Verona airport’s main market was confirmed as the domestic market, with 180 thousand passengers in the month (40% of total traffic). The English market was second, followed by Germany, Greece and Albania. Over 20 thousand passengers travelled between Verona and Egypt (95 thousand since the beginning of the year).
Passengers’ favourite destination cities were London, Olbia, Palermo, Cagliari and Catania. The new international destinations Berlin, Düsseldorf and Newcastle, opened in the first part of the summer season, showed fill-ups of over 80% during the month.