Traffic Data January 2024

Fiumicino opens 2024 surpassing 2019 figures by +6%; Northeastern Airport Hub handled more than 1 million passengers in January 2024, recovering 95% of January 2019 traffic.

Aeroporti di Roma- Aeroporti di Fiumicino e Ciampino


In the first month of 2024, Fiumicino’s Leonardo da Vinci and Ciampino’s G.B. Pastine airports together exceeded the figures recorded in January 2019 by 1%, reaching 3.2 million passengers.

Looking at Fiumicino airport alone, with 2.9 million passengers and +6% growth over 2019, Italy’s main airport also confirmed in the new year the growth trend that characterized the second part of 2023 by exceeding by +29% the traffic values recorded in the same period of 2023.

With reference to point-to-point traffic, that is, passengers departing or arriving in Rome without connecting at another intermediate airport, in January it reached +18% growth over 2019, registering important growths especially in the geographical areas of EU Europe, Far East and Non-EU Europe.

Signficant growth was also confirmed in long-haul traffic, which recorded +14% in January compared to 2019 and +70% when compared to the same period in 2023.

In absolute terms, growing the most in the first month of 2024 was the Arabian Peninsula, which recorded +37% growth on pre-pandemic volumes, with Abu Dhabi, Jeddah and Riyadh in particular, both compared to 2019 and to 2023.

This is followed by the Far East, which on long-haul recorded an 88% recovery over 2019, but more importantly, a significant increase in traffic over last year, with +187% over January 2023.

North America continues to record growth figures on both the pre-pandemic period, +27% traffic growth over January 2019, and the similar period in 2023, with +36% growth. The excellent performance was also positively influenced by the seasonal adjustment of flights, a phenomenon that is being observed on some specific routes, and increased activity by companies operating on North America.

Central South America surpassed 2023 traffic levels with +79% and approached full recovery on 2019, with 95% recovery.

The African continent opened 2024 by marking +37% growth over 2019 and +49% over January 2023. Among the best-performing short- to medium-haul destinations were Algiers and Sharm el Sheik, respectively, with +11% and +135% over 2019.

Ciampino’s G.B. Pastine Airport ended January with about 310,000 passengers passing through the airport.


Polo Aeroportuale Nordest (VCE, TSF, VRN, VBS)

The Northeastern Airport Hub, which includes the airports of Venice, Treviso, Verona and Brescia, handled more than 1 million passengers in January 2024, recovering 95% of January 2019 traffic (in line with January 2023).
Venice Airport recorded 634 thousand passengers in the opening month of the year, a positive performance of +3% compared to the corresponding month of 2019 and +1.6% compared to January 2023.

The domestic market remained the main target market, with nearly 132 thousand passengers (21% of total traffic). Main international markets were France, Britain and Spain.
In the ranking of favorite destination cities in January were Paris, London and Barcelona.

Treviso Airport handled more than 209,000 passengers, an 81% recovery of January 2019 flows (down 4.7% from January 2023).

Almost all passengers traveled on international routes. Main market was Spain (Madrid and Valencia top destinations), followed by Albania and Romania.

Top destinations were Tirana, Bucharest, and Brussels.

Verona Airport handled over 189 thousand passengers during January. The recovery of 2019 traffic volumes was 92 percent (+2.6 percent compared to January 2023).

The contribution of domestic traffic, Verona airport’s main market, was 41% (77 thousand passengers). Second market by passenger traffic was the English market, followed by Albania and Germany.
Main destination was Catania (28 thousand passengers), followed by Palermo and London.