Traffic Data December 2023

Rome Fiumicino returns to over 40 million passengers carried in 2023. The Northeastern Airport Hub handled more than 17.8 million passengers during 2023, recovering 96 percent of 2019 traffic

Aeroporti di Roma- Aeroporti di Fiumicino e Ciampino


In 2023, Fiumicino and Ciampino airports together reached 44.4 million passengers. The traffic performance of the airport system started very well in 2023 and the increase continued during the Summer, recording a gradual improvement in the recovery of pre-pandemic levels, which, in December, reached and exceeded the volumes of December 2019.

Fiumicino’s “Leonardo da Vinci” airport, in December was up for the third consecutive month, exceeding 3.1 million passengers and reporting a 6 percent increase over December 2019 traffic figures. 2023 saw the year end with a total of 40.5 million passengers carried and an overall recovery over 2019 of 93 percent, surpassing the passenger values recorded in 2022 by 38 percent.

Numbers in hand, Rome Fiumicino has been achieving an upward trend on 2019 since October, already recording more than 140 thousand daily passengers between departures and arrivals in the summer months, numbers comparable to those of 2019.
Relative to direct traffic, i.e., passengers departing or arriving in Rome without connecting at another intermediate airport, Rome Fiumicino Airport has recorded a net and appreciable growth in volumes compared to 2019 of 5%. This growth increases to 8 percent if in the comparison with 2019 we exclude countries where it is not possible to fly today (Russia, Ukraine and Belarus).

In addition, since September, the recovery of long-haul (99%) compared to 2019 has been completed. This means that Rome has achieved full recovery of intercontinental air connectivity, regaining its role as the Italian gateway, making local territories and economies accessible to tourism and production systems as a whole.

North America, the great performer of the Summer 2023 Season, led the long-haul performance with sustained volume growth compared to 2019 (+12%), with 34 daily departing flights. Thanks to last Summer’s overall offer, Rome Fiumicino became, in the ranking of major European airports, the third hub in terms of number of connections to the Big Apple, with as many as 11 daily frequencies. A record offer thanks to the new connections that have been started by ITA Airways and to the developments of the American carriers that, at an aggregate level, have come to offer a number of connections up by 50 percent compared to pre-Summer.

Very encouraging signs also from the European markets, a segment that has not only recovered pre-Covid volumes but has far exceeded them by marking +8% growth over 2019.

The Arabian Peninsula ended 2023 with an 8 percent growth over 2019, thanks in part to the introduction of the new route to Jeddah, operated by Wizz Air and Saudia carriers, and Wizz Air’s activation of routes to Abu Dhabi and Riyadh, with increased volumes offered to these two Middle Eastern cities.

Central South America saw an improvement in its recovery, which, steadily increasing in the second half of the year, peaked in December 2023 with 90 percent of traffic volumes recorded compared to December 2019. 2023 also saw the activation of the new connection to Mexico City in addition to the resumption of connections to Rio de Janeiro, operated by ITA Airways starting in October 2023.

The consolidation of the Far East market was another milestone achieved in 2023, which month after month significantly improved the recovery of passenger volumes, reaching 77 percent of recorded passenger volumes in December compared to the same month in 2019.

The year 2023 also saw the reactivation of air connections of all 5 mainland Chinese airlines that operated flights before Covid (Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, Sichuan, Hainan).
The schedule of the Chinese airlines gradually grew over the course of the year, to the point where by December 34 weekly frequencies were planned, achieving growth on the operational levels carried out on mainland China before the pandemic.
In addition to this, we note the full restoration of China Airlines on Taiwan and the reactivation of Hainan Airlines’ route to Shenzen.

The African market moved closer to full recovery in traffic volumes by targeting a 98 percent recovery overall in 2023. Cairo has seen its stopovers doubled, in fact, since June 2023, through Wizz Air, it is possible to reach the city thanks to a direct flight to the neighboring airport of Giza.

Ciampino’s G.B. Pastine Airport in December saw 301,000 passengers pass through and ended the year reaching about 3.9 million passengers.


Polo Aeroportuale Nordest (VCE, TSF, VRN, VBS)

The Northeast Airport Hub, which includes the airports of Venice, Treviso, Verona, and Brescia, handled more than 17.8 million passengers during 2023, recovering 96% of 2019 traffic (pre-pandemic reference year). More than 1.1 million passengers were handled in December (99% of traffic in the corresponding month of 2019). In addition to international tensions, traffic during the year was affected by strikes, resulting in cancellation of flights and seats offered.

Venice Airport has handled over 11.3 million passengers since the beginning of the year, a 98 percent recovery over 2019. Between May and October, more than 1 million passengers/month were recorded at the airport. In December, there were over 716 thousand passengers, +3% compared to the corresponding month in 2019.
First market during 2023 was the domestic market (with a 20% share for 2.3 million pax), followed by Britain, France, Spain and Germany.
London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid and Naples were the main destination cities chosen by passengers.
Passengers on long-haul destinations operating at the airport (the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, charters from South Korea) totaled more than 650,000 during the year.
Non-stop operations between Venice and Chicago (American Airlines) and Venice and Doha (Qatar Airways), which were suspended due to the pandemic, will also be reactivated in 2024.

Treviso Airport recorded more than 3 million passengers between January and December 2023, a 93% recovery over 2019. More than 200 thousand passengers were handled in December (an 87% recovery from the traffic in the same month of 2019).
During the peak summer months, nearly 300 thousand passengers per month were handled at the airport, with growth fueled by the investments of carriers operating at the airport, which together ensure the offer of a vast network of “point-to-point” destinations.
Main market during the year was the Spanish market, followed by Romania, Poland, Belgium and France (international traffic: 93% of the total).
Main destinations were Bucharest, Brussels, Tirana, Paris, Malta.

Verona Airport handled over 3.4 million passengers during 2023. The recovery of 2019 traffic volumes was 94%. December passengers were nearly 200 thousand (96% of December 2019 traffic).
The main target markets during the year were: domestic market (42% of total traffic), Great Britain, Germany, Albania and Egypt. Passengers’ favorite destinations were Catania, London, Palermo, Tirana and Cagliari.
New routes to Berlin by Volotea, Newcastle by, and Düsseldorf by Eurowings were activated during this year. Lumiwings operated its first season to Foggia, and Sky Alps marked the return to Verona of its direct connection to Rome FCO (two daily flights from mid-September).