Traffic data, August 2022

August confirms the positive trend in air traffic


Aeroporti di Roma- Fiumicino and Ciampino airports

The positive trend of traffic recovery observed since the beginning of the summer season consolidated in August. In fact, traffic at the Roman airports of Fiumicino and Ciampino exceeded 3.6 million passengers and the recovery percentage compared to the same month of 2019 is now close to 75%.

In detail, Fiumicino Airport reached 3.3 million passengers touching 110 thousand passengers per day, a value almost double compared to 55 thousand in the same month last year. This progressive increase made it possible to recover about 75% of the traffic volumes carried in the same month of 2019.

At the level of single market areas, the European sector shows the highest percentage of recovery of traffic volumes in 2019. In August, in fact, tourist flows to traditional summer destinations such as Spain, France and Greece increased, facilitated by the reactivation of numerous seasonal connections.

The recovery percentage of 2019 traffic volumes also continues to grow in the Extra-EU area despite the absence of commercial connections with Russia and Ukraine. These results are possible thanks to the excellent long-haul performance observed in the summer period, particularly in the North American market, where the historic carriers operating in the market were joined by Westjet’s new connection to Calgary. There was also good news in the summer months from the South American market, with the return of Latam, Aerolineas Argentinas, and the departure of ITA Airways flights to Brazil and Argentina, and from the Far East, with the activation of Qantas’ new connection to Australia in June.

Domestic traffic continues to show a positive trend, thanks to tourist flows to traditional summer destinations in the south and islands.

Ciampino Airport ended August with 334,000 passengers passing through the airport.


Polo Aeroportuale Nordest (VCE, TSF, VRN, VBS)

The Polo Aeroportuale Nordest, which includes the airports of Venice, Treviso, Verona, and Brescia, handled more than 9.7 million passengers between January and August 2022, recovering 77% of traffic from the same period in 2019. August ended with nearly 1.8 million passengers, accounting for 86% of August 2019 traffic.

Venice Airport recorded about 1.1 million passengers in August and nearly 6 million since the beginning of the year, including 3.2 million handled between June and August. The recovery over 2019 traffic was 76% year-to-date, 84% in August. The domestic market was the main target market, covering 26% of traffic for the first 8 months of the year. The main international markets were France, Great Britain and Spain.
Over 300 thousand passengers have flown since the beginning of the year between Venice and the long-haul destinations operating at the airport (Dubai, Philadelphia, New York EWR, New York JFK, Atlanta, Toronto, Montreal), including 240 thousand between June and August.

Treviso Airport handled 270 thousand passengers in August and 1.7 million in the first 8 months of the year, with a 76% recovery of 2019 flows (in August the recovery was 92%).
Between January and August, the main international markets were Spain, Romania and Great Britain. 90% of passengers traveled to international destinations. Main routes during the period were Brussels CRL, Bucharest OTP and Tirana.

Verona Airport handled over 430 thousand passengers in August and over 2 million since the beginning of the year, recovering 80% of 2019 traffic volumes (88% in August). The contribution of domestic traffic, Verona airport’s main market, was 46% in the first 8 months of the year. Second largest market was the English market, followed by Albania and Germany.
Main destination cities in the reporting period were Catania, London and Palermo.